Filigree Bi-coloured Ring with Dusky Rose and Violet Enamel

Approx. size: w 3cm x l 3cm x h 1.5cm (over finger)

Handmade in sterling silver and vitreous enamel.

Tara Lois uses very fine, hand drawn pure silver wire to create the filigree design.

Traditional glass enamel is applied by hand and kiln fired at over 800 degrees Celsius which can result in small imperfections in the glass and slightly different shades.

Similar rings can be personalised to order to match your mood, eye colour or something from your wardrobe using our Free Bespoke Consultation Service.

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Subtly contrasting shades of dusky rose and violet vitreous enamel catch the light differently as your hand moves. The deceptively simple organic enamelled shape overlaps complex silver filigree, adding to the impact of this dressy and fashionable ring.

Enamelling to both the top and underside of the 925-steling silver segments is indicative of the attention to detail in this handmade design.

The open ring design can easily be resized to fit most finger sizes, making it an ideal gift.

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