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Moonstone & Star Saphire Anniversary Embrace Ring

Moonstone & Star Saphire Anniversary Embrace Ring

The design of this ring was inspired by a photo of the couple embracing and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, when they renewed their wedding vows in New York’s, Central Park.

She is a well known jewellery collector, especially interested in contemporary design, so it is a great honour to know that this is the only ring she wears on a daily basis.

To capture the gentleness of their relationship Tara Lois designed the ring with intertwined soft shapes by hand chasing sterling silver.

The reclaimed moonstone and black star saphire matched the colour of the couples’ eyes and in particular the twinkle in the husband’s eyes when he talks about the love he has for his wife. She calls him her “star” so the star saphire was an easy gemstone choice.

Bespoke jewellery should always capture the client’s unique memories and we share this story with the client’s permission in the blog describing how the Anniversary Embrace Ring was designed and made.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

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