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Signature Filigree and Enamel Ring

Signature Filigree and Enamel Ring

The owner of this statement ring lives in Australia and loves the mix of contemporary filigree and high impact colours.

It was created from curved filigree using a modern design, shaped to cover 2 fingers. A two-tone enamelled structure, inspired by coral, pushed through the gaps in the filigree.

The open ring design meant that it would fit even with arthritis or swollen fingers.

Tara Lois also designed smaller modern filigree and enamel rings. She also hand crafted a pair of signature silver filigree and enamel earrings shown in the gallery.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Approx. size: w 4 cm x l 4 cm x h 1.5 cm (over finger). Handmade in sterling silver, hand drawn filigree wire and chartreuse/emerald enamels. Traditional vitreous enamel is applied by hand and kiln fired at over 800 degrees Celsius which can result in small imperfections in the glass and slightly different shades.

©Tara Mansell 2020

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