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Maltese Filigree Wide Band Ring

Maltese Filigree Wide Band Ring

What makes this ring special is that the outlines of the filigree segments have an organic and flowing design, which join almost seamlessly. It is also made using a difficult and delicate styles of Maltese filigree.

The process of making filigree is very time consuming. First silver is melted with copper to create 925/sterling silver. This is then put through a rolling mill to create thick wire which is eventually small enough to be drawn by hand through increasingly smaller holes in a metal plate to create very fine wire. This wire is heated so it can be twisted together, often into lengths of 5m. This forms the texture of the filigree wire, but before it can be worked this 0.25mm thick wire has to be flattened so that it can be used. Only then can the wire thread be turned into different designs.

Traditional filigree is created on a flat surface and then curved into shape. This ring doesn’t appear to have a join where the 2 ends meet, which makes it very unusual.

It was created for a client who unfortunately measured her finger size incorrectly, so Tara Lois made her another. It is beautiful, especially on darker skin tones, but the open wire designs means it is a special occasion ring. It is not robust enough for every day wear.

Size Approx: Width 1.5cm Ring size 55. Created by hand using sustainable 925 sterling silver.

Filigree cleaning advice is given in a Guide which can be requested through a link in the Jewellery Cleaning & Care Guide blog.

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