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Modern Filigree and Enamel Rings

Modern Filigree and Enamel Rings

Tara Lois designed a limited edition collection of individual rings of which the dusky rose and pastel green enamel ring is the only one remaining available to buy.

This ring has subtle shades of dusky rose with hints of light green vitreous enamel which catch the light as your hand moves. The deceptively simple organic enamelled shape overlaps modern silver filigree, adding to the impact of this fashionable ring.

The rings is open so can be adjusted to fit most ring sizes, making it an ideal gift.

Approx. size: w 3cm x l 3cm x h 1.5cm (over finger). Handmade in sterling silver and vitreous enamel. Tara Lois uses very fine, hand drawn pure silver wire to create the filigree design. Traditional glass enamel is applied by hand and kiln fired at over 800 degrees Celsius which can result in small imperfections in the glass and slightly different shades.

Filigree cleaning advice is given in a Guide which can be requested through a link in the Jewellery Cleaning & Care Guide blog.

©Tara Mansell

Our jewellery is also sold through international galleries so please contact us so we can check availability to be sure this has not already been bought.


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