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Organic Filigree Wedding Band

Organic Filigree Wedding Band

The bride-to-be, wanted an organic design for her wedding ring, specifically with a wide band made in filigree to contrast with her darker skin colour.

After discussing alternative designs, she chose this seamless ring inspired by curving branches.

Filigree has to be created flat and then be curved, so creating this ring called for the organic “ends” of the design to meet perfectly so that it is impossible to see the solder seam.

Special filigree, which would stand the test of time, was used to fill the open spaces.


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Created by hand using 925 / sterling recycled silver sheet and pure silver filigree wire, although the bride did consider white gold.

Filigree cleaning advice is given in a Guide which can be requested through a link in the Jewellery Cleaning & Care Guide blog.

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