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Custom Gold Astrology Ring Redesign

Custom Gold Astrology Ring Redesign

The original brief was to design a bespoke statement ring using recycled gold and a blue agate bead which the client treasured. She is an astrologer, so what could be more fitting than to symbolise her own zodiac signs in the design of the ring.

3 years later she wanted to change her look, saying ” what’s the point in having a private jeweller if I don’t change my style every so often!” She fell in love with some sustainably sourced black agate geode stones and asked for the blue bead to be replaced. She also commissioned the custom gold & black dangling earrings to match the ring.

This is one of our favourite designs and we couldn’t be happier that the client loves it too.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Approx. 2.5cm wide x 1.5cm deep. 18 carat yellow gold ribbon recycled from client’s own jewellery. Originally with a recycled blue agate bead also from client’s own jewellery. Replaced with sustainable black agate.

©Tara Mansell 2023

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