Contemporary Filigree & Red Bead Maltese Cross

Contemporary Filigree & Red Bead Maltese Cross

Malta Craft Foundation asked for jewellery which Maltese officials could offer as gifts to visiting foreign dignitaries.

This design was inspired by the colours of the Maltese flag, white and red. A contemporary filigree Maltese Cross is also available without the red bead.

Malta is a fusion of the modern and traditional. This is a contemporary redesign of the traditional Maltese Cross with the 4 V-shapes on their sides, but which also incorporates Malta’s tradition of filigree jewellery to represent the country’s amazing history.

These Maltese Crosses are hand-made to order so it is possible to make them in gold, slightly larger, but not any smaller.

Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a Maltese Cross for you.

Created by hand using recycled 925 / sterling silver. Size approx: 2cm in diameter.

Filigree cleaning advice is given in a Guide which can be requested through a link in the Jewellery Cleaning & Care Guide blog.

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