Wellness Talisman

Size approx: h 6.5cm x w 3cm x d 0.7cm Weight approx: 85g

Cast in solid bronze using the lost wax method.

This medal celebrates individuals who strive every day to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Months of research went into the design of this cast bronze talisman to create a sense of calm and rearssurance.

For some it is an award to say “you are important” and “we care”. Other people have bought it to help with meditation.

It is the right size to hold in the palm of your hand and it is just heavy enough to be reassuring in a pocket without anyone knowing.

The bronze quickly becomes warm and the matt surface can be rubbed and the cracks can be traced. Each medal will develop its own patina and become unique to the owner depending on how they use it.

Watch out though because once other people hold the medal they never seem to want to give it back!

Read more about the design and making process in this Wellness Medal Blog.

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