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Gozo Memory Sculptures

Gozo Memory Sculptures

Memory sculptures are deeply personal, telling unique stories, encapsulating memories and emotions. They are typically small using mostly precious materials.

These sculptures capture Tara Lois’ personal response to the smaller inhabited island of Gozo in the Maltese archipelago, where she lives and works.

Gozo is beautiful, tranquil and inspiring. In spring, the fields are full of wild flowers but like many rural beauty spots, this environment is threatened, which she has represented using modern 3D printed gun cartridges painted with acrylic, and filled with lead shot.

She also wanted to highlight the endangered traditional Maltese skills, like filigree, lace making and ganutell, which uses fine silk threads to create flowers. Wildflowers have been cast in silver, others are created in filigree and ganutell. The largest sculpture sits on a sheet of silver, hand rolled with an embossed Maltese Cross from Gozitan lace.

Approximate sizes: Largest 3 piece sculpture: h 12cm x w 5cm x l 25cm / Smaller sculptures: h 10cm x w 2cm x l 5.5cm. Created in 925 sterling silver, 3D printed cartridges, embroidery silk on a metal frame and weighted with lead shot (can be dangerous if ingested but can be made child safe on request)

©Tara Mansell

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