Sailing Jewellery Pendant with Filigree Sail Outline and Pearl

Sailing Jewellery Pendant with Filigree Sail Outline and Pearl

This pendant is an elegant addition to the designer collection “Wind in the Sails” inspired by the wind filling the sails of a yacht.

Filigree has been used to represent the eddies and gusts of wind which move the boat through the sea. While gold symbolises the colour the sails take on at sunset and the pearl represents a gift from the sea.

If you have ever watched yachts sailing, the ones further away appear more as outlines. This layering of the “sails” was inspired by this view.

The sailing jewellery dangling pearl earrings in this collection would make a perfect set.

Personalisation is possible in different precious metals, sizes of sails and filigree designs. We can even enamel the sails to match your own boat. Please contact us.

Designed by Tara Lois, who is herself a sailor and hand crafted in Malta.

Our jewellery and sculptures are also sold through international galleries so please contact us so we can check availability, although we can always create a similar design to order.

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Approximately 5cm x 1.7cm. Recycled 925 / Sterling Silver and partial gold plating, freshwater pink pearl.

Filigree cleaning advice is given in a Guide which can be requested through a link in the Jewellery Cleaning & Care Guide blog.

©Tara Mansell

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