Rabat Malta Brooch with Malachite

Rabat Malta Brooch with Malachite

Rabat is perched on top of a hill, with views across Malta to the sea. It is especially important because it is home to amazing fortifications and historic buildings, as well as the Co-Cathedral (Valletta is home to the other Co-Cathedral).

The contours of this hill have been used in the design of this oversized brooch which are echoed in the rings formed in the inset malachite stone.

The silver sheet has been hand formed to represent the hill, using a traditional silversmithing technique called chasing.

If you would like jewellery to represent the area where you live then we are happy to create personalised custom geographical jewellery to order, so please contact us.

Malta Xaghra Hill midday brooch is a smaller design.

Our jewellery and sculptures are also sold through international galleries so please contact us so we can check availability, although we can always create a similar design to order.

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Approximately 10.5cm x 8cm diameter. Designed by Tara Lois and hand crafted in Malta using recycled 925 / Sterling Silver, sustainably sourced malachite

©Tara Mansell

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