Malta Exclusive Ramla Bay Pendant

Malta Exclusive Ramla Bay Pendant

The elongated Malta Hill which is home to Nadur, sweeps steeply towards the Mediterranean.

At Ramla Bay the curved beach meets the deep blue sea, which is especially popular on Gozo. Nadur Hill Malta silver & sunset glass pendant is similar using orange glass.

This pendant is created using traditional repoussé to shape satin finished silver sheet into a raised form. The glass is recycled Maltese glass which has been reworked and heated to create the perfect shape for this pendant.

Our jewellery is also sold through international galleries so please contact us so we can check availability to be sure this has not already been bought.

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Approx size: 9cm (3.5”) long and 4cm (1.6”) wide. Created by hand in recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled Maltese glass. 

©Tara Mansell

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