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Hindu Wedding Garland Inspired Brooch

Hindu Wedding Garland Inspired Brooch

Designing a contemporary brooch for this client’s 40th wedding anniversary was really exciting.

She had never worn her family wedding jewellery so wanted a design full of the symbolism of a Hindu wedding. Her brief was for a large sculptural and versatile brooch, with movement and her favourite colours.

After researching Hindu wedding traditions, the design she chose was inspired by the identical flower garlands worn by the bride and groom to symbolise their willingness to marry.

Technically challenging to make, this brooch includes abstract cloisonné enamel, hand made chain and filigree curving in 3 dimensions to add a sense of volume in the garland shapes.

More details on the design and making process are described in the blog Hindu Wedding Inspired Silver Brooch -The Story Behind the Design and Make.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Approx size: h 10cm x w 10cm. Created by hand using sustainable 925 sterling silver, handmade silver chain with garnet beads, hand drawn pure silver filigree wire and cloisonné vitreous enamel fired at over 800˚C.

©Tara Mansell 2021

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