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Dangling Designer Gold Waterfall Earrings

Dangling Designer Gold Waterfall Earrings

These earrings have high impact without being too heavy to wear, making them ideal for special events.

You will definitely be the centre of attention in these earrings with the light reflecting off the gold, pearls and garnet gems. They also have a subtle ringing sound when you move your head or walk.

Similar earrings can be handcrafted with 3 or 5 cascades of hoops, to a length which suits you perfectly and including your favourite sustainable gems or pearls.

Our collection jewellery includes designer black pearl & silver waterfall earrings and blue agate and silver waterfall earrings.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Approx. 8cm x 4cm. Handcrafted in recycled 18ct gold with sustainable garnets and fresh water pearls.

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