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Contemporary Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Contemporary Sapphire and Diamond Ring

An international client was looking for a contemporary one-of-a-kind ring to celebrate her civil partnership. Her brief was for the ring to include unusual stone settings and for the ring to be in 18ct matte rose gold.

Three designs were developed and shared online using video calls and emails and after refinement, the client confirmed the final design.

She came to Malta for a vacation, providing a loose yellow sapphire stone, yellow gold jewellery which could be recycled, including earrings with small diamonds, one of which was to be set in the new ring.

The challenges of hand crafting this ring were significant as they included a very unusual three quarter setting for the sapphire, and a 45 degree setting for a reclaimed diamond.

The ring definitely had the “WOW” factor when the couple visited our studio in Malta and opened the packaging. She was radiant as he slipped the ring onto her finger.


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