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Commemorative Art Nouveau Silver & Opal Bangle

Commemorative Art Nouveau Silver & Opal Bangle

This organic open bangle was designed as memorial jewellery to celebrate the importance of a young life lost.

It is filled with symbolism including the shape of a foetus in the design, which our client have given permission for us to share in the blog : Memorial jewellery – A bangle for a baby.

The opening is worn above the wrist allowing personal information to be engraved inside the bangle, touching the wrist pulse point.

Opal was the child’s birth stone, so the design includes a veined Australian boulder opal symbolising a constant spiritual presence.

The design was inspired by the Art Nouveau period’s simple and natural shapes. This style of cuff has become one of Tara Lois’ trademark bracelets.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Size: 16.5cm long x 3.8cm wide. Hand made from a single ribbon of 925 / sterling silver with a 20ct Australian veined boulder opal. Engraved name and stamped date of birth.

©Tara Mansell 2020

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