Comino Blue Lagoon Silver Pendant

Comino Blue Lagoon Silver Pendant

This pendant follows the outline of Comino, the third largest island in the Maltese archipelago, which is famous for its Blue Lagoon. It is created using traditional repoussé to shape polished silver sheet into a raised form.

This sheltered lagoon has a white sandy bottom, turning the sea a tropical turquoise blue, which is represented by an inset blue lace agate stone.

The additional links in the necklace are in the shape of Gordon Hill on Gozo, where the lighthouse turns each night.

Pendants in the shape of Gordon Hill include the Malta Hills recycled silver filigree pendant and Malta Gordon Hill silver & blue glass pendant.

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Created by hand in recycled 925 / sterling silver and a sustainably sourced blue lace agate stone. Approx size: 9.5cm wide x 8cm. Fixed 22″ silver chain including additional links.

©Tara Mansell

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