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Bespoke Gold and Opal Pendant

Bespoke Gold and Opal Pendant

Who can resist opals with their ever-changing range of beautiful colours?

Tara Lois loves designing emotional jewellery with special meaning for others but this pendant is also special for her, because it is the first piece of jewellery she ever made. It also featured in British Vogue as part of an opal collection.

She sculpted jewellers wax to create the pendant shape which was sent to Paris to be cast using her mother’s 18ct recycled gold. The stones hold special memories, such as the turquoise which is a single earring left from a pair bought in Arizona. The cubic zirconium is also a single earring in a pair bought as a gift in New York, and the boulder opal was bought in Australia on a world trip.

Tara Lois subscribes to the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi, based on Buddhist philosophy which finds beauty in imperfection. The small flaws in this asymmetric design remind her of the happy memories she has of making this pendant when she was only 14 years old.


Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a similar jewellery design for you!

Approx 5cm x 2.5cm, handmade using sustainable materials.

©Tara Mansell 2013

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