Waterfall Dangle Gold Loop Earrings

The client who commissioned these statement earrings wanted large 18 carat gold earrings which could be worn without pulling her ears. She wanted movement and colour, elegance and high impact, ideally incorporating her favourite pink pearls and garnets.

The curved shape of the top of these long waterfall earrings supports cascading lightweight gold loops in different diameters. Adorning the earrings at irregular intervals are small garnets and larger pearls which, if you are closely enough, you will realise are not symmetrical.

These earrings add to her natural charisma, making a subtle ringing sound when she moves her head or walks, helping her to be the center of attention and not too heavy to wear all evening.


Approx size: h 7cm, w 4cm

18 carat gold with garnet beads and freshwater pink pearls

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