Sustainable Statement Cluster Gold Ring

Created using original 750/18ct gold rings with amethyst, spinel and acquamarine gemstones.

© Tara Lois Jewellery 2022

This must be one of the most impressive statement rings I’ve made. I was given 3 cocktail rings with very large semi-precious stones. Each was either damaged or too small to wear.

The challenge in this design was that the client asked me to retain as much of the original rings as possible.

I bent, twisted, added, repaired, re-engineered and recreated the individual parts to create a single comfortable, wearable ring.

Because of the sentimental value, there was no attempt to hide the origins of the ring. It honours past lives and retains memories. Even the gold is different colours and the stones have marks of wear which the client wanted to keep.

If like me you have an interest in Wabi Sabi – where small imperfections are the key to beauty – then this is a truely beautiful ring.


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