Sustainable Statement Cluster Gold Ring

Sustainable Statement Cluster Gold Ring

This must be one of the most impressive statement cluster rings produced to-date. The client provided 3 cocktail rings with very large semi-precious stones. Each was either damaged or too small to wear.

The challenge in this design was that the client wished to retain as much of the original rings as possible.

Producing the design meant bending, twisting, adding, repairing, re-engineering and recreating the individual parts to create a single comfortable, wearable ring.

Because of the sentimental value, there was no attempt to hide the origins of the ring. It honours past lives and retains the memories. Even the gold is different colours and the stones have marks of wear which the client wanted to keep.

You will see the client wearing her ring in the photos, and her reaction below.

If you have an interest in Wabi Sabi – where small imperfections are the key to beauty – then this is a truly beautiful ring.

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Created using recycled 750/18ct gold, original gold rings with amethyst, spinel and aquamarine gemstones.

©Tara Mansell 2022

“I’m so glad that I met this young lady because she has transformed some of my old jewellery, in gold and stones, which I haven’t used for years, because I thought they were too damaged or broken. For example, I had 3 separate dress rings. 2 belonged to my mother and 1 was mine. They all had damage and I took them to her to fix them in some way. And she did. But in the most stunning way. And in a way that has just been amazing for me. I’m so grateful to her, for her creativity and design. She’s done some other work for me as well and I’m over the moon with what she has been able to create. So, Tara, bless you. Thank you.” Penny

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