Heirloom Amethyst Diamond and Filigree Gold Ring

Created by hand using 750/18ct gold filigree ribbon, together with the original yellow gold diamond ring and the rose gold amethyst pendant with 2 micro diamonds.

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This was a wonderful challenge, designing a new gold ring incorporating an heirloom diamond ring, first created in 1850, and a large amethyst tear drop pendant, also over 100 years old.

The length of the amethyst stone required a wide band. As a Maltese jeweller, I enjoy including filigree into my designs, however normal filigree wire is very fine and would not have provided enough structural strength. This is why the ring band was designed in a filigree style but created with gold ribbon.

Working with existing jewellery elements is always more difficult than starting with a blank canvas because the heirlooms were never intended to be part of a more complicated piece of jewellery. For example, the original amethyst collect was not strong enough to use in a ring, so I reinforced it with filigree ribbon which matched the ring band.

The size of the amethyst and the sparkle of the diamonds definitely makes for a stunning statement ring.

A celebrity client has been promised the ring once it is ready for sale.


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