Silver and Tapered Tricolour Glass Pendant with Filigree

Approx size: 9.2cm long x 2.4cm (widest)

Collection Featured in British Vogue

Hand made in sustainable 925 sterling silver.

Glass shard was fused at high temperatures so imperfections exist.

© Tara Lois Jewellery 2021

A truly eye-catching pendant which is part of a collection featured in British Vogue.

The red glass is opaque. This contrasts with the transparent green and orange glass which reveals a hint of the background clothing colour when worn.

Sleek twists of textured and smooth eco-silver contour the glass which has been fused to the frame at high temperatures.

There is an asymmetrical filigree circle highlight overlapping one side of the glass.

This pendant has a small loop behind through which a small chain can loop. We are happy to include a 14-inch chain at an additional cost.

If you want to wear it with a larger chain you own then it can be threaded directly trough the top of the pendant loop. Otherwise, we can also supply a larger chain, again at an additional cost.

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