Remembering Gozo Small Sculpture

Approximate size: h 10cm x w 2cm x l 5.5cm

Created by casting Gozo spring wildfowers in 925 sterling silver and 3D printed gun cartridges with metalic acrylic paint, filled with lead shot (This can be dangerous is swollowed and should be kept out of reach of children).

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“Remembering Gozo” is a sculptural response to the beautiful island of Gozo.

In spring the wildflowers bloom and they carpet the countryside in a dazzling display of colour. Sadly in the hunting season spent gun cartridges are left on the ground.

Actual wildflowers, picked in spring, have been cast in 925 sterling silver.

White 3D printed plastic cartridges, filled with lead shot, emphasise the contrast with the wasted cartridge plastic, while the 925 sterling silver flowers offer a juxstaposion with natural bright wildflowers.

See a larger sculpture here: Remembering Gozo Large Sculpture


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