Oversized Silver Reef Brooch with Baroque Pearl

Approx. size: w 7cm x l 11.5cm x h 2cm

Traditional glass enamel is applied by hand and kiln fired at over 800 degrees Celsius which can result in small imperfections in the glass and slightly different shades

Large and visually stunning, this organic brooch is a wearable work of art with subtle secrets.

Blue enamel speckles hint at the surprise of the apparently dark plique-a-jour enamel. When lit from behind the glass transforms into vivid highlights of royal blue and deep red.

The iridescent free moving black pearl reflects in the mirrored background and jangles slightly inside the tactile wire and filigree frame as you walk.

Light turquoise enamel, traces along some edges, creating a different visual effect depending on which side you view.

You will certainly stand out wearing this sculptural piece and proudly display it as a sculpture in your home.

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