Organic Man’s Wedding Ring

Created by hand using recycled 925 sterling silver.

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The bride-to-be wanted her fiancé to receive a wedding ring during the marriage cermony, although he did not want to wear it on a day-to-day basis.

My brief was to create a ring which was masculin, had a similar organic design to her own wedding ring, and which later she could wear as a thumb ring.

I prepared a series of design options for them to choose from, and this was the one they chose to have made in recycled 925 sterling silver although we did discuss using white gold.

The ring is wide and gently curved at the edges so it can be worn comfortably.

I carefully applied silver wire to match the branch design on the bride’s ring. I created an optical illusions that these wire branches appear to wrap around the inside of the ring.

The wire is raised and I would not have recommended it for daily wear on his ring finger because it would rub on the skin of adjoining fingers, but this was not a concern because it was ultimately going to be worn by the bride as a thumb ring.




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