Home Sweet Home Customised Jewellery (Available on Commission)

Indicative design: Approx. 3cm x 4cm simple 925 sterling silver 2D form, with 3 areas of enamel but no filigree, finished as a pendant with 16cm fine chain.

Customisation includes: shape, size, type of jewellery, material (gold or silver), type and colour of enamel, filigree, 2D or 3D, necklace chain.

Please contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a unique design for you.

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The design concept behind Home Sweet Home is that you can commission a pendant in the form of your own home.

It captures the personal emotions and memories which are linked to our homes.

This jewellery can be created as unique brooches, pins, pendants or even Christmas decorations.

A stylised outline of your home is hand cut in 925 sterling silver, based on a photo you provide. Doors and windows can be left open or coloured using traditional vitreous cloisonné or champlevé enamel to match your curtains or front door. If your house has balconies or large roof tiles these can be represented in silver filigree.

Photos show designs made for other clients.

Your jewellery will be as unique as your home.


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