Heirloom Bracelet Cuff with Veined Boulder Opal

Hand made from recycled sterling/925 silver with a sustainable veined boulder opal.

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Why is this cuff an heirloom? Because the silver came from an old tea service which was never used, but the client had kept it because it had strong emotional family attachement.

The client commissioned the bracelet as a birthday gift for herself, and asked if there was any way I could design a cuff for her which visibly kept these fond memories alive.

My solution was to cut the textured rim off the sauce boat and use it as part of the ribbon design. I reused the rest of the silver to create ribbon for the cuff.

She chose a veined boulder opal from my sustainable gemstone collection to create a unique wide cuff.

The result was a very special bracelt which she never takes off because it is a constant reminder of her happy memories.


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