Heirloom Ruby and Diamond Gold and Platinum Swirl Ring

Created by hand using additional 750/18ct gold and an original white gold diamond solitaire and yellow gold ruby and diamond cluster ring.

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This commission was an absolute pleasure.

The client’s mother’s antique ring had a vibrant red ruby surrounded by smaller high quality diamonds. The solitaire had been her grandmother’s engagement ring. Both were obviously sentimenally important, but she would not wear either of them. One was too small and the other design was too dated.

My challenge was to create a modern design in the form of an open ring, which could be easily adjusted in size in the future.

The client loved the design, which I created by hand, twisting and bending the original rings and joining them together with a contemporary swirl of new gold ribbon.

I don’t think my client has taken it off since I gave it to her.


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