Groom’s Matching Organic White Gold Wedding Ring

Created by hand using 750 / 18ct white gold. The engagement ring incorporates an heirloom yellow gold and platinum diamond solitaire.

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This ring concept began with a bespoke consultation with the bride-to-be, her fiancé and her mother.

They asked me to design a set of wedding and engagement rings for the couple. The brief was to develop stacking engagement and wedding rings for the bride with a nature based inspiration. This needed to included the bride’s grandmother’s engagement diamond solitaire.

The groom asked for a simpler wedding band forming part of the set.

After preparing a number of alternative designs, the one chosen by the clients had a leaf design for the bride curving around her grandmother’s antique diamond solitaire.

To tie the groom’s ring into the set, I gave all the rings a matching texture and they were all created in white gold.




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