Gold Filigree, Opal and Garnet Ring

This client had already bought a very deep boulder opal and large garnet to have made into a ring for herself. She asked me to  design and create a statement 750 / 18 carat gold ring using these stones.

Many jewellery makers would surround the stones in simple gold collets but I learned that the client liked irregular jewellery. She also had a large collection of  opal jewellery. My design had to visually bring the opal collection together as well as being unusual and quirky.

The client absolutely loved a design which accentuated the juxtaposition of the large raised stones and lower delicate gold filigree. These were encircled by an irregular outline which twists as it meets the filigree filled ring shank. The opal is the star of the ring and changes colour from mauve to blue with flecks of other colurs, depending on the light.

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“I truly love this ring. It works because nothing is symmetrical. I couldn’t believe how well Tara Lois understood what I wanted and how well she made it. I’m not sure it is her style but it is absolutely mine.”


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