Gold Filigree Mix & Match Opal Garnet Earrings

A repeat bespoke jewellery client commissioned a series of mix and match earrings which she could combine to create different looks from street to chic.

She wanted  them made in 750 / 18ct gold, with garnet and opal gemstones to match a bespoke ring I had previously created. 

Making sure the earrings would look right on the client was not going to be easy as she had 2 piercings in each lobe, different distances apart.

The resulting design included a pair of large garnet studs with claw settings, a pair of small opal studs in bezel settings and a pair of gold filigree floral studs. Designing a pair of dangling filigree flowers with holes at the centre for a stud to pass though brought together a totally versatile style.

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What a fabulous idea. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so Tara Lois gave me everything. Interchangeable earrings which I can mix and match. Dangling for evening, simple gold for classy, garnets with or without the gold flower behind and shimmering opals.”

— Caroline


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