Desktop Memory Sculptures (Available on Commission)

Sculptures are made using meaningful objects supplied by you.

The footprint is typically between 7-9cm x 3-4cm made in copper, brass or 925 sterling silver.

Price will depend on material used and the number/size of objects you supply and want included.

These images are examples of Memory Sculptures of a city walk, a design studio and objects relating to someone special.

Contact us if you would like Tara Lois to create a unique design for you.

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Unlike photos which are only visual, these sculptures trigger memories through touch, sights and potentially smell. They are small enough for any desk or coffee table and are inspired by the work of artist Joseph Cornell.

Have you ever been for a walk or on holiday somewhere special and wished you could keep the physical memory forever? Would you like a tactile emotional reminder of someone special in your life?

The Memory Sculptures bring together small personal objects, which you provide, and probably only have meaning for you. The objects are set on a copper, brass or 925 sterling silver base.

Each time you see, move or explain the design to someone you will be reminded of the person or place symbolised by the design.


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1 review for Desktop Memory Sculptures (Available on Commission)

  1. Carole Gibbs

    I am a lucky recipient of the work produced by Tara Lois Jewellery. Such a talented artist with the issues of mental health experienced by many at the forefront of many of her designs. Some designs produce a calming effect, she uses discarded items imaginatively, semi-precious pieces and enamelling work are superb and I know she will be a designer/jeweller in the future with items for mental health awareness one of her priorities, and bespoke silverware that is unique. Highly recommended.

    • Tara Lois

      Thank you. Your memory sculpture with pieces collected all year from walks which you guide was a fun project. And thank you for recognising the work I do for charity and especially for people who struggle with their mental health. Often an unspoken of stuggle but hopefully some of my designs can help a little.

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