Cast Circular Silver Pendants

Inspired by geometric shapes, the intention was to use traditional jewellery casting techniques to produce a limited edition of almost identical pendants in 925-sterling silver.

Concentric circles dominated the designs and suited the casting process. As molten silver poured into the mould some small spaces with air bubbles were filled with metal creating small circular granuals. The result was 5 unique but similar cast pendants. Oxidising several silver pendants turned the silver an iridescent black with a vintage look.

Two were given as birthday gifts to identical twins, while others were bought as Christmas gifts or gifts for a special friend.

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“What I love about my necklace, that Tara Lois made, is that it is a good size, unusual and has an authentic feel to the design and the materials. It is also very useful, a striking and versatile piece that I can wear with t-shirts, blouses, v-neck jumpers or evening wear. I get comments on its beauty whenever I wear it.”

— Chrissy


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