Art Nouveau Bangle with Australian Boulder Opal

Size: 16.5cm long x 3.8cm wide. Fits 14cm wrist.

925 sterling silver, hand formed with a 20ct Australian veined boulder opal.

Engraved name and stamped date of birth.

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This organic open bangle was designed as memorial jewellery to celebrate the importance of a young life lost.

It is filled with symbolism.

The Art Nouveau period represented a return to simple and natural shapes and this organic design is both dainty and strong.

The opening is worn above the wrist allowing personal information to be engraved inside the bangle, touching the wrist pulse point.

Opal was the child’s birth stone, so the design includes a veined Australian boulder opal symbolising a constant spiritual presence.

Read the blog about how this bangle was designed and created here.




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1 review for Art Nouveau Bangle with Australian Boulder Opal

  1. Stacey Callahan

    Tara responded to my unusual request for a bespoke piece of jewelry with empathy and intelligence. She created an amazing piece that celebrated the life of a child lost too early; a reminder for his parents of his existence and his impact, albeit brief, on their lives. Tara’s talent didn’t stop at her excellent and conscientious craftpersonship: she created a piece that expressed the tenderness and emotionalism of the occasion. Her choice of materials, including a gemstone of the child’s birth month, took into account not only aesthetic and functional considerations, but symbolic ones as well. The resulting piece was a touching delight to the recipient. I can’t express my gratitude enough for this incredible talent applied to both artistic and meaningful composition.

    • Tara Lois

      This has to be the most poignant commission I have had to date. I cannot tell you how happy I am that the cuff was well received by your friend and I hope that it symbolises positive memories.

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