Anniversary Embrace Ring with Moonstone and Star Saphire

A photo of this couple embracing and looking into each other’s eyes was the perfect inspiration for this anniversary ring.

To capture the gentleness of their relationship I designed a ring with intertwined soft shapes which I created by hand chasing sterling silver.

The reclaimed moonstone and black star saphire match the colour of the couples’ eyes and in particular the twinkle in the husband’s eyes when he talks about the love he has for his wife. She calls him her “star” so the star saphire was an easy gemstone choice.

Bespoke jewellery should always capture the client’s unique memories and I share this story in my blog describing the design process and how the Anniversary Embrace Ring was made.

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“Tara is unquestionably one of the most talented, creative and intuitive artists I have come across in my many years of collecting unique jewelry for myself and purchasing it for others. When I wanted a special piece of jewelry to celebrate my 30th anniversary with my husband, Greg, I asked Tara to design something that would reflect the unique relationship between Greg and I. She presented me with a proposal for a stunning sterling silver “embrace” ring with 2 special stones – a moonstone that represented my fair complexion and blue eyes, and a darker stone that represents my husband’s darker complexion and deep brown eyes. It was absolutely perfect! Tara crafted the ring and sent it to me in NYC in time for my anniversary. My husband bought me a diamond ring several years ago to commemorate an anniversary, which is of course also stunning and which I keep in a vault. However, nothing can match the incredibly meaningful sentiment of the ring that Tara designed for me/us. I love wearing it every day!”

— Ria


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