Memorial Jewellery – A Bangle for a Baby

This was probably the most difficult design I have ever been asked to do. I felt a great responsibility because I received this commission from a lady in France, who wanted a bespoke piece of jewellery for her good friend following the loss of her baby. The Design Process I wanted to design beautiful jewellery…

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Wellness Talisman – Story behind the design and make

Tara Lois Jewellery jewelry mental health talisman medal brass touchstone calming tactile OCD crack broken comforter therapeutic sensory anxiety anxious worry help

Cast in bronze, Approx: h 6.5cm x w 3cm x  d 0.7cm, weight 85g  The design of this Wellness Talisman has been extensively researched to help a wide range of people. I was suffering from stress so I joined a mindfulness class which radically changed the way I behaved. Still, I found meditation and sitting…

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How Can Emotion be Designed into Jewellery? Part 5 – Can Design be Used to Evoke Emotions Using Visual Cues?

WHAT ARE VISUAL CUES AND ARE THEY UNIVERSAL? I approached Keycomm, a group which works with Edinburgh City Council and the NHS to develop language support systems for people with communication disorders. Keycomm uses Alternative and Augmentative Communications (AAC), a range of games, videos, posters and communication boards developed specifically to meet an individual’s needs.…

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